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10 Awesome small house plants for home
                                                  Writer : Sagar                                                                                                                                                                                                                    10 sep 2020           





Small house plants are a great idea for many reasons. They can be deployed almost anywhere, shining even at small angles and their small size means you may have the opportunity to grow plants in a small space in a large space. In this article I am going to discuss my favorite small indoor plants that you may like.












1.Hawthorn zebra plant 

It may be juicy mini, but don’t be fooled by its short stature - it’s tough.

Hortia plants are adaptable to the stomach and grow well in direct sunlight. You

do not need to water every three or four weeks, so in other words they are

ideal for parents of lazy plants.






























2.Aloe vera plant 

If you like me Casper might be the second cousin with the friendly ghost,

you might be the aloe ion smaller. Turns out,

this apartment is a beautiful plant for life! Your aloe requires moderate sun,

warm place and low water schedule. Also, if you find it very difficult,

you can cut the leaves and make your own burn solutions, skin care or toothpaste.













3.Poinsettia plant  

Gives a Christmas present to the famous mini pincetia flower-like red leaves.

Easy to maintain, but prone to unexpected unexpected changes in

temperature. Papacetia prefers moist weather and indirect light. Christmas

table decoration is just awesome!




















4.Anthurium plant 

The painted tongue is also known as the flamingo lily and tail flower, which is

a strong magnetic plant. The heart-shaped flowering leaves make this

plant simple, attractive and beautiful for your home decoration. Anthurium

is available in red. , White, Play Da, Pink, Orange, Black. You can find this

little gem in stores‌ and nurseries all year round!



















5.Lucky Bamboo plant 

Despite the name and form, Lucky Bomb is not really a bamboo, Lily is a

family member. It is a low maintenance indoor plant - you do not need to

do more than deciding how to install it in a light and bright place.If you want to

use a soil plant arrangement you can plant lucky bamboo in the water. This

plant grows to 2 to 3 feet over time, but you can safely cut off the top with plant

shears to keep it. More manageable size.




















6.Snake plant 

There has been a huge improvement in the popularity of the snake plant over

the last few years. Ana Mall Formal and Modern This plant requires minimal

care and is very versatile in terms of home performance. Larger plants make

better soil plants, but smaller varieties are ideal for the bus anywhere. There

are some unique snake plants that look amazing together in different species.

I water my snake plants once or less a month and keep them in low places in

my house. They are very easy to maintain, so feel free to choose one. The only

word of warning is that this is the only way to confirm his death.






























7.Spider Plant 

Such an ideal, easy to develop! This small indoor plant usually grows. Although

spider plants live in harsh indoor conditions, they prefer to be exposed to bright

indirect light and a few hours of sunlight. Keep the ambient temperature warm

(above 50 F) and water regularly. Visit Spruce to learn more about growing spider























8.Polka dot plant 

The polka dot (hypostas phyllostachia) plant is abundant in its natural habitat,

but it adheres to our definition of small indoor plants when grown indoors. You

can use it to make your residence beautiful. This plant can live in poorly lit areas,

but for attractive colored leaves, keep it in a sun-filtered area.

















9. Orchid plant 

The orchid is one of the most colorful plants that blooms all year round. In fact,

it can be found in almost unlimited color variations. Beautifully styled leaves

give an attractive touch to any corner of your home. Depending on the

temperature, humidity, ventilation and light level of your home, your miniature

orchids may need different watering.






















10. Pothos plant 

Another good plant for beginners is the tropical wine Potos, which grows very

fast in any situation - it does not like intense direct sunlight. Put this guy on a

bookshelf and his long strings will make your space even greener.

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